Please note that EMV PCD and PICC v3.0 will be mandatory by January 2020.

For major changes of EMV PCD v3.0 updates:

PICC 1 (ID1: 16.1MHz), PICC 2 (ID1: 13.56MHz), PICC 3 (ID3: 13.56MHz), extra calibration coil antenna (we are expecting it will take 2.5 times more than v2.6).

For major changes of EMV PICC v3.0 updates:

PICC (ID1: 16.1MHz), PICC 2(ID1: 13.56MHz), extra calibration coil antenna, adding of test parameters TB111 and TB112 (testing duration will be equivalent to v2.6)

ICTK is now officially able to provide an exclusive certificate service for EMV PCD and PICC v3.0 analog and digital items. Due to many updates to the previous version (v2.6), any manufacturers who were struggling to develop new products can now have BV ICTK’s technical support. We promise to provide the best solutions and support thanks to our lasting knowledge and experience.


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